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Jessika Jubenville

Jessika Jubenville

I began this journey of healing after the birth of my first child. I had also had an interest in helping others but didn’t quite know where I fit in. In 2017, I obtained certification in Reiki, and from there my interest in helping others really grew. I quickly became interested in Hypnosis of the human mind and how effective it was for people. It was right then that I knew it is what I wanted to do. This was my thing, and I was going to help people — heal people. I am extremely fortunate to be a student and graduate of Georgina Cannon, a leading Instructor across North America in Hypnosis and NLP. She is also a Relationship Coach, Regression Therapist and author.

You always call it hindsight. Two weeks too late to think of the right retort to make. You lead with your unconscious; you make that retort immediately… Trust your unconscious; it knows more than you do.
~ Milton Erickson