Our minds can create prisons or palaces, abundance or scarcity.

Hypnotherapy Healing House

It is my mission to offer a safe judgement free space where you can be you. Giving you the knowledge and power to unlock your subconscious mind in order to improve your life and achieve your goals.



My name is Jessika, and if you’re here, you are probably looking for a change, and I cannot wait to help! I am a certified clinical hypnotist, past life regression therapist and energy healer. Simply said, I am very fascinated with the mind and self-healing.

Healing services

Transform & Empower


...it all starts with you!

At this time I am booking online sessions only, but rest assured, I will be transitioning to in-person sessions soon.

Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see.
~ Milton H. Erickson